Recordings of Original Music

Here are some selections from my 22+ years of compositional output. I hope you enjoy them. This page will be updated periodically as I get more of my music recorded.

Electronic & Pop

King of Lizards (2012)


Doskpop! Inspired by the tracker music of Gustaf Grefberg (Lizardking). Made in Mixcraft 6 Pro Studio using almost entirely built-in synths and effects originally as a Mixcraft demo for NAMM 2012. Finally remastered in August 2013.

Blade's Edge (2011)

download | Blade's Edge

This track was written as a demo for Acoustica to show off the new synths included with Mixcraft Pro Studio 5. Blade's Edge is a Blade Runner-esque composition that uses Gunnar Ekornas' fabulous ME80 virtual synthesizer, which emulates the famous Yamaha CS80 synthesizer that Vangelis used in the 80's to create the legendary Blade Runner soundtrack.

Fast Taxi (2010)


Created as a demo for Acoustica Mixcraft 5.

Fool Me Once (2008)

download | created as a demo for Acoustica Mixcraft 4

Film and Game Scores

Star Rangers (iPhone) (2009)

download | Title Theme

download | Song of Defeat

download | Victory Song

Star Rangers is a space shoot'em-up game for the iPhone, and my first break into video game scoring. Unfortunately, I was not well-prepared to do an orchestral score, as the quality of my orchestral sounds was not very good at the time. This is the first music project I created entirely using Linux and open source software, primarily Rosegarden and Qsynth.


Embers (2015)

Here is the premiere of Embers, cowritten by Charlene Adzima and myself for violin and harpsichord. Performed live on the Friday Musicale, 2/13/2015 at the First Unitarian Society of Madison, WI.

Fair Flower (2014)

Performed live on 4-11-2014 at the faculty recital at Rhapsody Arts Center in Verona, WI by Charlene Adzima (violin) and myself (piano). Fair Flower was created from a joint improvisation by Charlene and me. This piece is actually composed for violin and harpsichord, but this performance on piano + violin is probably our best performance of this piece.

Orchestra and Band

Thumbelina (2006)

download | Dance of the Flower Fairies, Grand Dance and Transformation

download | Frigid Dance of the Snowflakes

download | Dance of the Locusts

download | Dance of the Autumn Leaves

download | Thumbelina's Dance

download | The Tadpoles and the Goldfish

A ballet commissioned by the Monroe-Jackson Dance Theatre of Central Wisconsin. It was performed in the spring of 2007. These excerpts are from the dance rehearsal CD I made with Cakewalk Home Studio 4 and various collected orchestral SoundFont banks.

Piano & Harpsichord

Sky Runner (2014)

download | sheet music coming soon...

Sky Runner is a synthpop-style piano piece that I wrote as a graduation gift for my student Ian. This piece draws inspiration from demoscene and chiptune styles as well as Martin Galway's unique rhythmic bass line style.

Prelude (2008, revised 2013)

download | sheet music

Inspired by the famous Bach C major Prelude (BWV 846), my composition uses a similar, syncopated pattern, but I treat it in more of a pop style. I also don't use the same pattern throughout the entire song (c'mon, Bach!)

Crystal Rain (2009)

download | sheet music

This piece is the result of the most tortured composition process imaginable. Hopefully it doesn't show. I started writing it around 2000 and have been picking at it ever since. I made the final tweaks to the piece in July 2014, and I can finally say I'm happy with it.

Nocturne (2012)

A piano piece I wrote for my sister for Christmas 2012. As part of my NAMM demo for Acoustica, I added some strings backing as well. The strings don't always fit as well as I'd like, but this piece was conceived solely as a solo piano work so it probably works best as such. In the original piano version, the thunder effect is created by rumbling the lowest strings on the piano. At some point I'll try to get a recording of this on a real grand so I can perform all of the hand-on-string effects that are supposed to be in there. The second half of this song is based on a short improv I did in 1997 called "Dream", which was available on this site previously.

Neo-Baroque Suite (2015)

The premiere performance of Neo-Baroque Suite for harpsichord. This is a work in progress, as I've only written two movements so far. Performed live on the Friday Musicale, 2/13/2015 at the First Unitarian Society of Madison, WI.

When He Speaks (1999)

download | sheet music coming soon | recorded using Pianissimo

I wrote this song as inspiration for my sister when she was going through a difficult decision in her life. The melody, with it's echoes at different octaves, represents walking with God as He guides a person through life's twists and turns.

The Ponies Are Loose (1988)

download | sheet music coming soon

I wrote this rag at age nine, a time when I was obsessed with Scott Joplin. I submitted it to the WMTA composition contest but was degraded by the judge because the piece was “not in ragtime form.” If it's not ragtime form, then neither are The Maple Leaf Rag, The Entertainer and many other Joplin favorites.

The Gift (2000)

download | sheet music coming soon | recorded using Pianissimo

When I wrote this song, I didn't really think much of it. My composition professor really liked it, though, so I'm putting it on this page for that reason alone.