What's New


I just completed a major update to my virtual instruments page, featuring much more up-to-date information, details on the SFZ sampler format, and some new virtual instruments as well. I also made my first post on my blog, which I will now be linking to this site as well.


Completely overhauled the visual appearance of the site with a new banner and darker look. I also fixed some problems with the audio recordings not playing.


Updated my compositions page, which now includes the sheet music for most of my written music as well as links to new YouTube performances of some of my songs. I also removed a few pages that were outdated with little hope of ever being updated. I doubt they will be missed.


Added a new performance (Scarlatti K. 466) and three new Scarlatti Sonatas on the free sheet music page.


Sitting for three hours at an airport--what a perfect opportunity to update my website! I have added some of my recordings, two new compositions, and a whole slew of free sheet music. Check it out!


I've been pretty busy, and haven't had time to fill in the missing parts of the website. I've got a bunch of arranged sheet music accumulated during the past six years of teaching that I will be adding when I get some time.