Talents for Hire

Here is a list of some of the services I provide. If you would like to discuss a potential commission, please contact me.


If you need original music for an event, film or video game, I can compose in any style using both recorded and written mediums. I can also arrange songs for differing ensembles, adjust the difficulty, transpose, or even simply transcribe music from a recording.

I have been composing for over 27 years and have studied private composition in college with Charles Rochester Young and Judith Lang Zaimont. I am skilled in orchestration and digital audio recording techniques and have worked with large projects, including a fully orchestrated ballet in 2006 for the Monroe-Jackson Dance Theatre. Click here to hear some of my compositions.


I can play for weddings, formal dinners or pretty much any event that would go well with piano music in the background. I can improvise in many styles including new age, classical or rock, providing the appropriate atmosphere without being distracting.

I have been playing piano since I was four (29 years experience) and I have a master's degree in piano performance from the University of Minnesota. Whether accompanying, performing or improvising, I can guarantee a sound that is professional and appropriate for the environment at hand.

Music Teacher (piano, drums, composition, digital music production)

I currently teach private music lessons near Madison at my home studio in Oregon, WI. More info will be coming soon. Please send me an e-mail if you are interested in lessons. I have sixteen years of experience teaching ages five to eighty-five, and I can teach any skill level.

Sample Programmer / Sound Developer

I started creating virtual instruments as a hobby when I was in high school, and most notably created the GeneralUser GS SoundFont bank that has been used as the default instrument bank in a number of software products. This eventually led to my current job with Acoustica designing virtual instruments for Mixcraft and Pianissimo. I have a strong knowledge of synthesis techniques and can also work in many sampler formats such as SFZ and Kontakt.