Guitar & Bass Virtual Instruments

Fender BG29 Acoustic/Electric Bass

This fantastic SoundFont was originally created by Marc Wielogroch. It includes multi-samples and release samples as well. There aren't a lot of SoundFonts that make use of release samples, so kudos to Marc for including them here! I haven't made any changes to this SoundFont except to tune the samples. I had noticed they were quite off-pitch when I tried to use the bass in a project of mine.

Musical Box Fingered Bass

This is the fingered bass from the Musical Box GM SoundFont. I have added a "sustain" preset that I use often when performing certain songs. Here's how it works:

This allows for a more natural result when performing bass lines that consist of a lot of repeated 8th-notes (for example, the bass line in Clocks by Coldplay).

NOTE: All downloads on this page are compressed RAR archives. If you need a way to extract RAR archives, I recommend 7-Zip.