Misc. Virtual Instruments

Boy Band (aka Temmie)

When I was a teenager, I made this stupid SoundFont of me trying to sing like a boy band. It was over-the-top and pretty terrible, but the guys at Acoustica thought it was fun, so we decided to include it in Mixcraft.

Fast-forward to 2015, and my Boy Band SoundFont (or at least something very similar) was used in the soundtrack for the video game Undertale, in the "Temmie Village". You can read all about it here. Long story short, people are now using my Boy Band SoundFont to create Temmie-style covers of everything under the sun. The results are delightfully horrific!

So now, for the first time, Boy Band can be downloaded and used without the need to have Mixcraft. You're welcome, world.

NOTE: All downloads on this page are compressed RAR archives. If you need a way to extract RAR archives, I recommend 7-Zip.